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We are celebrating...

Our one year anniversary as Kent

A year ago, after our acquisition, we set out to build a brand that was different from the rest. Today we want to tell you how we made a billion-dollar start-up, a company to be proud of and to believe in.

We gathered stories from around the world looking at all of our moments of growth as a team and this is our story.

We are one Kent

This is our brand story

How do you build a billion-dollar start-up?

A company to be proud of and to believe in. A business that’s a breath of fresh air in an energy industry full of discontent and disillusionment, especially around mergers and acquisitions.

That was the challenge we took on in the spring of 2021. Against a backdrop of world change and disruption brought about by Covid-19, Kentech, a key player in the global energy industry acquired the Oil & Gas division of SNC-Lavalin.

Two businesses, rooted in ambition, a proud heritage and most importantly, belief in the talent and dedication of their employees.

Our new company needed a fresh story, a new voice. It even needed a new name.

We wanted a brand that was not created in a marketing agency or a boardroom. A brand we and our customers could get excited about and energised to work for and with. One with a bold vision that didn’t greenwash and champion diversity simply for the sake of it.

We wanted a brand that was different from the rest.

Making every one count

So, we started by ripping up the rule book. And putting our company in the hands of the people who know us best: Our people. All 12,000 of them.

We asked them: “If you could create a business you want to work for. What would it look like?”

And they told us. Through 12 weeks of global conversations, surveys and one-on-one conversations, they helped us develop our company purpose and values. After all, they are the ones who live them every day.

They showed us what works in a successful brand integration. Most importantly, what doesn’t.

We brought future leaders of Kent together and put the business in their hands. They helped us plot our way forward with a new way to look, to feel, to grow.

They gave us our name: Kent.

Together, our Kent people helped us give energy transition a new voice.

As we celebrate our first anniversary, our business is prouder than ever to have our people at its centre as we design, build and maintain assets that power our world.

Now, and in the future.

Our CEO says...

Kent is one. It’s time to celebrate!

And we want to do it by taking pride in how far we have already come since August 2021.

We have been choosing courage over comfort; innovating the energy we have now to help create a cleaner future. As we said last year, we knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we don’t do easy; we play big and win big. We couldn’t have done any of this without our amazing team that has embraced everything we want to achieve and moving towards one goal together.

Here's a special message from our CEO, John Gilley, who speaks for all of us when he says, "thank you all for your support".

One year. One Team. One Vision. Over 100 years of heritage


Our brand story

If you could create the business you want to work for. What would it look like?

This is the question our 12,000-strong team answered a year ago, throughout 12 weeks of global conversations, surveys, and one-on-one conversations, to help us create a new company with a bold vision and a fresh story.

This is the story of how we made a billion-dollar start-up a company to be proud of and to believe in.

We will share more of our people and business stories soon, so keep your eyes peeled for what is coming next.

One year. One Team. One Vision. Over 100 years of heritage


Our achievements

August marks 1 year of Kent and our hearts beat over 35 million times to the rhythm of growth.

Along this ride, we have accomplished so much; we have been fanatical about performance and played big. We have thrived on emotional agility and built on infinite thinking. And we are only getting started.

Here’s just a glimpse of the things we have achieved in our first year. Thank you for following us on this journey.

Here’s to another great 365 days - how are you going to make every day count?

One year. One Team. One Vision. Over 100 years of heritage

Our people

#WeAreOneKent together, we celebrate every one of our people. One year can bring us so much growth, in big ways and small.

So, we asked our team "How have you grown in the past year?" and we were amazed by their responses. Choosing courage over comfort, came through in almost every response.

Summiting mountains, learning instruments, and discovering new cultures were just some of the things we’ve been up to this year.

What has your growth looked like this year?

One year. One Team. One Vision. Over 100 years of heritage.

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