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FEED Preparation

Waste Tyre and Used Cooking Oil to Carbon Black and Diesel Facility

Waste to energy industrial plant stock
600 Tonnes per day of shredded tyres and used cooking oil processing centre
Location: UK
Operator: Green Tyre Technology
Duration: 2018 - 2020
Scope: FEED preparation

Being a composite material engineered to be virtually indestructible, waste tyres pose a significant threat to the environment and are a challenge to recycle.

With historically low value products and high processing costs the industry relies heavily on subsidies to survive. A growing global demand for renewable products such as biofuels and green carbon has created a major market that remains underserved due to historically poor economics and scrutiny about the lifecycle footprint of the various current options.

Green Tyres Technology has planned an infrastructure grade 600 Tonnes per day of shredded tyres and Used Cooking Oil (UCO) processing centre located near London (UK) that is capable of operating 24/7 with minimal external energy or carbon footprint. The Tyre Derived Oil (TDO) and UCO processing nameplate capacity of the plant will be 75,000 and 200,000 Tonnes per annum respectively.

Kent undertook a FEED Preparation for the project based on the Client's feasibility design:

  • Review of feasibility information
  • Basis of design for the project
  • Option selection
  • Relocation of the project to the Coryton site in Essex
  • Addition of used cooking oil to HVO to the plant
  • Expanding product slate to include naphtha and ULSFO
  • Concept design for the project
  • Licensor selection and management for key technologies
  • Stage gate for the project to confirm suitability to continue to FEED
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