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Sustainability Prosperity

Social and Economic Success

At the heart of our prosperity pillar is improving the social and economic success of the communities where we live and work. We want to leave a lasting legacy and we will do that through local employment to quality jobs with fair conditions, skills training, economic contributions and community development.

We want to see a world with self-reliant and resilient communities in all four corners of the globe. We want to have an impact so everyone has a fair run at life's opportunities. And we want this to be sustainable forever more. It goes right to the heart of our purpose.


Local Communities

We want to collaborate with our local communities to understand whats important to them, and then start with what we can change. Access to better jobs for local people, with fairer conditions. Prioritising working with local businesses. Building playgrounds for local children in disadvantaged communities. Delivering food parcels to those in need. Planting trees in the Kent forest and helping local people thrive in their own ways. Our support to communities comes in many different forms.

We also know this is something our teams across the world are passionate about. The local initiatives our people support are inspiring and to support this we offer a “Sunshine Day” for our people to take time out to help the causes closest to their hearts.

the energy within.

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