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Our Organisational Context

Kent is a global engineering services company. In the UK, Kent Energies UK Ltd represents an Engineering Projects and Consultancy business with 340 employees working across all energy markets. Our data for this year has been compared against our first published report in 2023.

Our workforce gender balance is 25% women and 75% male, a slight increase in female representation on what we reported last year (24% vs 76%). We are committed to having fair representation across genders but acknowledge that we still have some way to go. It is important to note that the current split is typical across the engineering landscape, but something the industry as a whole is looking to address.


Kent Inclusion Blueprint

In 2023, Kent launched the Kent Inclusion Blueprint which is a global initiative, designed to promote and create a fair and inclusive workplace for our people and ensures we are fulfilling our Sustainability commitments and aligning with our Global Inclusion and Belonging strategy. The approach begins at the foundation level, where policies and procedures for inclusion may be less developed and progresses through levels from bronze to silver, gold and platinum. Our UK business was delighted to achieve bronze level in December 2023 which demonstrates that we are compliant with relevant local employment laws and requirements for equality. We are now working towards achieving Silver level in tandem whilst achieving this with Clear Assured.

Externally, we have achieved Bronze in the Clear Assured DEI standard, and we are now pursuing Silver Standard.

Family Leave Policies

We have enhanced our Family Leave Policies, increasing the amount of fully paid leave time by 33% for birthing parents and by 50% for non-birthing parents. This applies to our Adoption Policy also, and we have also introduced paid support for those on their Surrogacy and Fertility Treatment journeys.

Whilst this is an important step forward for all our employees, there is also the intent that this provides women with the company’s support if they choose to take the step towards having a family. We removed the minimum service requirement to be eligible for full maternity leave benefits, thereby supporting women to make a career move at any point in their life without the fear of losing family leave benefits.

Flexible Working Schemes

19% of our women and 8% of men choose to work part time in the UK to support in creating the work life balance they wish. We offer hybrid working through our Workplace Principles whereby we provide our employees with the freedom to work from their place of choice; provided it works for the Project / Client, then it works for us. We recognise that we all have commitments outside of work. The benefits of offering our
employees hybrid working supports them in being able to be present for things that are important outside of work, allowing them to be able to do the two in tandem.

STEM Returner’s Programme

We are committed to introducing a STEM Returner’s programme this year within the UK. This will support our efforts in recruiting, developing and retaining the best available talent, whilst supporting experienced STEM professionals to re-start their career or transfer their skills.

Identify & Dismantle Systematic Barriers to Equality

We recognise that to see a more even distribution of gender across grades, we need to ensure our processes and systems are fair. We will be monitoring promotions and progress through our grading structure by gender to lean into and take action in any areas where we might be experiencing the broken rung effect.

We are committed to sharing all development opportunities throughout the business to avoid hidden bias in opportunity assignments. We also monitor the selection and participation in our development programmes to ensure fair representation.

What are we going to do?

There are common factors which impact the gender pay gap; gender segregation, an equal unpaid workload and gender discrimination. We want to face this head on within Kent, but we recognise that it will take time for us to get us to a place where we feel we are seeing real change as a result of the initiatives we are introducing below:
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