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Subsea Tieback Forum 2024 | 27 - 29 February

Subsea Tieback Forum
27 - 29 February
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Global deepwater subsea operations represent a significant facet of the energy industry. Deepwater production is poised for substantial growth in the upcoming years. However, these operations are not without their challenges. Designing, deploying, and operating subsea facilities and deepwater platforms safely and efficiently present unique difficulties.

At Kent, we are continuously working on technological advancements and innovative methods to navigate these challenges and ensure the safe development of resources.

We're thrilled to announce our attendance at the Subsea Tieback Forum. This exclusive event tackles the pressing issues and innovative solutions in global deepwater subsea operations. We're looking forward to participating in a dialogue where industry leaders exchange knowledge, share real-world experiences, and explore the future of this rapidly growing sector. As we dive into the world of deepwater production, we're excited to contribute to discussions that shape the future of sustainable energy.

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