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FEED and pre-FEED

Raven Coal-to-Liquids

Raven Coal to Liquids
A grass roots mine-mouth coal-to-liquids facility
Location: Bond County, Illinois, United States
Operator: Raven Energy LLC
Duration: 2007 - 2008
Scope: FEED and pre-FEED

Kent was contracted to perform the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) for a 17,500 bbl/day coal-to-gasoline facility and provide overall project management services for project development up to financial close for the Raven Energy Bond County Illinois Project; provide design services to support a Class II capital cost estimate; establish a site development plan including socio-economic impact assessment and construction planning for this remote site. Commercial considerations were developed that changed the direction by the Client, and in July 2008, Kent was directed to ramp down and transition out of the project.

The Bond County Project was a grass roots mine-mouth coal-to-liquids (CTL) facility including coal handling and preparation equipment, process units, fully integrated power block, product storage tanks, water wells, truck and rail loading facilities and product pipelines. The Project location was approximately 35 miles east of the Mississippi river.

Project details consisted of:

  • Coal storage and conveying equipment
  • General Electric proprietary coal gasification unit
  • Air Separation Unit (ASU)
  • Syngas Cleanup Unit
  • Sour Gas Shift Unit
  • Acid Gas Removal Unit (AGR)
  • Methanol Synthesis Unit (MSU)
  • Methanol-to-Gasoline Unit (MTG)
  • Sulfur Recover Unit (SRU)
  • CO2 Drying & Compression Unit
  • Power Block


  • Prepared Basic Engineering Design Questionnaires to facilitate licensor development of Schedule “A” packages; received and further developed licensor supplied “Schedule A” packages; developed a process design for Coal Handling, Syngas Cleanup, CO2 Compression, Power Block, F-T Water Processing, and Product Storage; and prepared an RFP package and obtained quotes for the Air Separation Unit.
  • For all process units, with the exception of the Air Separation Unit (ASU), SNC-Lavalin provided Process Engineering, Piping Design with 3D modelling, Electrical Engineering & Design, Instrumentation & Control Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Civil/ Structural/ Architectural Engineering & Design, and Project Management
  • Prepared a site development plan to include person camp accommodations for the large craft labor onsite, assessment of local infrastructure to support impact of large project, all pioneer and temporary facilities in this remote location, transportation study for heavy haul access to site, all logistics including receiving, inspection and warehousing onsite
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