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Offshore Technology Conference 2024 | 6 - 9 May

Offshore Technology Conference
6 - 9 May
Houston, USA

We're excited to announce that Kent will be attending the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2024! Since 1969, OTC has been a crucial gathering point for energy professionals worldwide, fostering innovation and consensus-building on vital offshore energy sector topics.

Kent is at the forefront of the Energy Transition. Breaking new ground in renewable energy through hydrogen, offshore wind and energy storage, whilst rolling up our sleeves and tackling the tough work of decarbonising oil and gas production from within, we are eager to share our insights at OTC.

As we navigate towards a more sustainable and low-carbon future, OTC 2024 promises diverse conversations around the latest developments needed to accelerate the global energy mix. We're ready to contribute to these discussions, focusing on innovations that can drive the world’s energy mix.

Join us as we engage in critical dialogues, share our expertise, and continue leading the way in the energy transition.

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