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Net Zero Energy Transition Awards 2023 | Aberdeen, UK - 24 August

Scottish renewables
24 August 2023
Aberdeen, UK

At Kent, we’re bringing the world the energy it needs in the most responsible way possible. With our culture and purpose at the heart of everything we do, we are employing and empowering the best and letting them make decisions that uphold our commitment to people, the planet, and principles.

The Scottish Renewables’ Net-Zero Energy Transition Awards has named us winners of the:

  • People and Culture Award: Our culture was born out of the answers we got from our employees back in 2021 when we asked them what was important to them while doing business. - Doing business in the most positive and responsible way for people, the planet, and our principles was the answer. Today, we embed our culture in everything we do.

We were also nominated as finalists for:

  • Green Energy Skills Award: Under Sustainability. by Kent commitments, our 'Empowering People to Prosper' pillar is nurturing brilliant minds and attracting, educating and developing a smart, brave, agile workforce so the brightest minds can create a better today and an even brighter tomorrow. Our Transition READY programme is a 4-week fast-track course designed to empower our employees, regardless of their technical expertise, to lead in the ET space. From energy production to Kent's unique projects, we're ensuring everyone can contribute to this pivotal moment in history, individually and collectively.
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