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Kent Inclusion Week 2023

Kent Inclusion Week
Kent Inclusion Week
25 - 29 September | Online Internal Event

The Kent Inclusion Week is a series of five webinars hosted by internal and external speakers, where our employees get together to learn about different topics related to Inclusion & Belonging.

This year, we are celebrating our second Kent Inclusion Week, embracing the theme #TakeActionMakeImpact. We've got a brilliant line-up of topics and speakers that will give our employees even more tools to celebrate their whole selves while learning how to uplift others.

Monday, 25 September:

Cultural Awareness - Ruqaya Al Hamiri, Yousef Al Shamsi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Centre for Cultural Understanding, UAE

Kent has a truly global footprint with over 13,000 employees across 34 countries. This webinar aims to foster understanding and promote a more inclusive workplace, and to create cultural awareness.

Tuesday, 26 September:

Creating an inclusive workplace - Dr. Nike Folayan MBE, Association for Black and minority-Ethnic Engineers, UK

This session follows on from our 2022 Kent Inclusion Week talk from Dr Ollie. It outlines steps we can all take at work to build a truly inclusive workplace. The themes captured include qualitative/quantitative approaches, safe spaces, micro-aggressions, social value and inclusive leadership.

Wednesday, 27 September:

(In)Equality begins at home - Karen Blanc, Kent VP of Inclusion & Belonging and People Development

This is a collaborative session among our employees from around the world, where we’ll learn and share thoughts about how gender inequality impacts everyone and the practical steps we can take, beginning at home, to improve life for everyone.

Thursday, 28 September:

Everyday Inclusion: How Communication Builds Belonging - Kent Communications & Advocacy Team

In this session, we will explore how our everyday communication behaviours directly impact workplace inclusion and belonging. We'll learn about the power of different communication styles and how embracing them can shape an inclusive workplace culture that celebrates diversity and fosters a sense of belonging for all employees.

Friday, 29 September:

I&B: Inclusion & Me - Kent Inclusion & Belonging Changemakers Council & guests

This session will allow our employees to dive deep into the practical measures Kent is taking to ensure we all feel we belong.

Kent Inclusion Week is all about us at Kent, as a team, making a real difference in our workplace. If you want to learn more about Inclusion & Belonging at Kent visit:

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