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IOT Solutions World Congress | 21-23 May

IOT Solutions World Congress 1
21-23 May
Barcelona, Spain

In an era where the oil and gas industry is rapidly evolving, AI has become a pivotal force driving advancements in safety and efficiency.

Our VP of Digital and Innovation at Kent, Wassim Ghadban, will delve into this transformative topic at the IOT Solutions World Congress, exploring how AI enhances operational capabilities, minimises downtime, and ensures safety.

His presentation will highlight real-world use cases where AI has significantly improved drilling optimisation, predictive maintenance, and safety enhancements. Kent's commitment to digital innovation is driving these advancements, making us a leader in the transition towards autonomous operations in the oil and gas sector.

Find us at:

  • Thursday 23 May, 15:15 CEST, Room 1 | AI’s Role in Enhancing Safety and Efficiency by Enabling Autonomous Operations in Oil and Gas – Wassim Ghadban, VP Global Innovation and Digital Engineering.
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