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FEL-3 and Cost Estimating

Hydro-dearomatization Project

Total Hydro dearomatization Stream Http Handler
A green-field hydro-dearomatization (HDA) processing unit
Location: Bayport, Texas, USA
Operator: Total Petrochemicals and Refining USA Inc.
Duration: 2012 - 2013
Scope: FEL-3 and Cost estimating

Kent was contracted by Total to develop a basic engineering package (FEL-3) for a green-field hydro-dearomatization (HDA) processing unit and associated facilities and utilities at the Bayport, Texas site.

Total intends to construct a new green-field HDA processing facility in their existing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plant site. Kent was contracted to develop the basic engineering package (FEL-3) for the project.

The scope for the project includes:

  • HDA processing unit (Total's proprietary technology);
  • Cooling tower;
  • Hot oil belt furnace;
  • Unit feed and product tanks;
  • Process sewer systems;
  • Outside Battery Limits (OSBL) process and utility tie-ins; and
  • Piping and connections to a third-party's pipeline from an adjacent loading terminal.

Kent's services for the basic engineering package (FEL-3) include:

  • Develop a lump sum EPC bid inquiry package for the project;
  • Provide process support to integrate the HDA unit into the existing facilities;
  • Design of piping, piperack connections to a third-party pipeline and sizing;
  • Perform flare loading study to ensure existing flare can accommodate the new HDA unit;
  • Support early procurement and constructability activities;
  • Develop an FEL-3 +/-10% cost estimate; and
  • Develop an EPC Level 3 schedule.
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