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Green Hydrogen Summit Oman 2023 | 12 – 14 December

Carbon Emissions 6
09:40 – 10:00GST
Muscat, Oman

At this year’s edition of Green Hydrogen Summit Oman, Michael Czarnecki, concept Study Lead at Kent, delves into the intricate technical challenges involved in large-scale hydrogen production, with a spotlight on Oman's unique environmental factors.

Navigating the complex terrain of aligning hydrogen production facilities with renewable energy sources, Michael will outline cutting-edge energy storage and grid integration solutions crucial for maintaining a continuous and stable power supply. Additionally, Michael will share insights into efficient methods for transforming hydrogen into valuable derivatives like Ammonia and Methanol, optimising production processes for both economic viability and environmental responsibility.

Join Michael Czarnecki and other industry experts at the Green Hydrogen Summit Oman 2023 to be a part of another key event, shaping the future of clean energy.

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  • 09:40 – 10:00GST, 14 December 2023 - Large-scale green hydrogen production: Oman's unique environmental factors Michael Czarnecki, Concept Study Lead, Kent
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