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ACWA Power

Green Hydrogen Plant, Uzbekistan

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Kent have been appointed Owner's Engineer to oversee the installation of a 20MW Green Hydrogen Electrolyser plant
Location: Uzbekistan
Operator: ACWA Power
Duration: 2024 - 2025
Scope: Owners Engineer & PMC

The 20MW Green Hydrogen (H2) Electrolyser plant, will be powered from the grid interconnection of the National Power Grid of Uzbekistan. The Green Hydrogen produced will be further converted into existing Ammonia Plant.

The plant will be designed, supplied, constructed, and commissioned by HDEC as the EPC contactor. Kent's responsibility as the Owner’s Engineer’s shall include the review and supervision of the EPC contractor and Hydrogen Electrolyser OEM engineering submittals to ensure that the resulting detailed engineering and subsequent procurement and construction performed by the EPC contractor adhere to Good Engineering Practice and meet the contractual requirements.

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