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FEL-1 Study

Gladstone Energy & Ammonia Project

Gladstone state development area 3
Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) via coal gasification
Location: Australia
Operator: Australia Future Energy
Duration: 2019
Scope: FEL-1 Study which includes defining the process flow scheme, facilities definition, cost estimate and technology selection

Australian Future Energy (AFE) identified an opportunity to produce Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) via coal gasification in the Queensland state of Australia.

The complex, named Gladstone Energy and Ammonia Project (GEAP), is envisioned to be located near the town of Gladstone, Queensland, on the east coast of Australia. GEAP configuration will consist of 2 running gasifiers with 1 standby gasifier to process 2200 TPD of coal in each gasifier. In total, the complex will process 4400 TPD of coal to produce 600 TPD of ammonia and 14 PJ/Annum of SNG (41790 Nm3/h). The complex consisted of the following key units:

  • Coal Gasification
  • Sour Shift
  • Acid Gas Removal Unit (AGRU) + Nitrogen Wash unit (NWU)
  • Sulphur Removal unit (SRU)
  • Ammonia unit
  • SNG/ Methanation unit
  • Power block
  • Utilities & Offsites

There were other facilities such as Air Separation Unit (ASU) and coal handling facilities which were handled by another contractor/ owner.


FEL-1 study to define the facilities required for gasification of coal to produce ammonia and Substitute Natural Gas (SNG). FEL-1 scope of work included defining the process flow scheme, facilities definition, cost estimate and technology selection.

FEL-1 study included the following services:

  • Design basis preparation for the complex
  • Interacting with licensors and modelling the open art units to provide an overall complex wide material balance.
  • Technology selection for Ammonia, AGRU, SRU and Methanation
  • Interconnecting, Utilities & Offsites definition
  • Identifying all effluents and developing emissions// effluents treatment plan
  • Developing an integrated water, steam and power balance
  • Development of Class IV Cost Estimate
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