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Zennor Petroleum

Finlaggan Subsea Tieback

Project Finlaggan stock
Finlaggan Gas Field is being developed as a subsea tie-back to the Britannia platform
Location: North Sea, UK
Operator: Zennor Pathway
Duration: 2016 - 2017
Scope: Concept and pre-FEED study

Kent performed a concept and pre-FEED study for the Finlaggan tie-back to the Britannia platform. The study was completed in January 2017. Different options were considered including re-use of an existing separator, installing a new separator on a deck extension, adding a new module with all dedicated equipment required for Finlaggan processing.

The study scope included:

  • Capacity review (using in-house capacity modelling tool MeasCap) of all major topsides equipment and risers for over ten processing options.
  • Site survey to confirm potential equipment locations, identify potential opportunities for the project and validate expected constraints.
  • Development of most relevant options, including multi-discipline technical feasibility review, pros and cons analysis, and installed cost estimation to +- 50%.
  • Recommendation of the preferred riser for Finlaggan tie-back.
  • Options screening workshop with concepts scored based on a range of factors to allow client to select a single option.

The study progressed into a multi-discipline Pre-FEED study with the selected option. This included further option definition with development of PFDs, P&IDs, H&MB, equipment list, layouts, pipe routings, cost to +- 30% and project schedule estimates for the selected option. HAZID and constructability reviews were also undertaken during pre-FEED.

Added Value

  • Successfully completed the study in a fast track schedule by using the Kent automation tool for capacity constraints modelling (MeasCap),
  • Ensure appropriate decisions were made early in the study in agreement with the Client and the third Party by performing several workshops at key milestones in the project,
  • Generate innovative ideas to maximise asset utilisation, including the option which was eventually selected.
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