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2022 Tech Talks Series, Part Two

Sustainable Assets for the Future: Optimising the new and decarbonising the old

Join us for part 2 of our two-part weekly series commencing Wednesday 18th May 2022 where we will explore the advancements in the new energy markets and share how we are helping our clients move towards more sustainable operations.

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What you can learn in Part Two

From research and feasibility studies to project execution and operations, we understand the crucial balance between conventional and low carbon operations and are supporting clients all over the world on their pathway to net zero.

What you’ll learn:

  • Effective evaluation criteria for repurposing of existing pipelines for carbon capture, utilisation and storage
  • Considerations of whether the production of green hydrogen should be onshore or offshore
  • Digital plants of the future
  • Roadmap to decarbonised chemicals
  • New hazards to consider in low carbon projects
  • Deployment of a thermal power with carbon capture and storage design and its application for future projects

Each session will comprise of a 20-minute presentation followed by a Q&A.

How to Register: All sessions are free to attend, and registration is a simple process. Simply click on the registration link for your preferred event below or if you wish to attend all events, please email [email protected] who would be happy to help.

Note: All sessions will be hosted on Microsoft Teams.

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2022 Tech Talk Series, Part 2, Sessions
Our Engineering & Consulting experts

Meet our speakers

Ian has 30 years’ experience in the design, assessment and integrity management of subsea facilities and pipelines. As Global Technical Authority, he is responsible for the technical quality of all subsea and pipeline work. Ian has provided technical direction and delivery management to multidisciplinary teams on the design and verification of numerous North Sea and international pipeline and subsea projects. Ian also provided technical assurance to a range of pipeline integrity management, life extension and change of use studies. Within energy transition, Ian is the pipelines technical lead for the Appraise and Pre-FEED phases of a CCUS project which includes the reuse of an offshore gas trunkline. Ian has also provided technical guidance to a number of studies for new build CO2 and H2 pipelines.
Matheson Ian 2 P
Ian Matheson
Subsea & Pipeline Engineering - Global TA
Deirdre is a Principal Process Engineer, CCS Technologist, in the Kent Low Carbon Projects Team with 18 years’ experience in Chemicals Processing, Oil & Gas, Carbon Reduction & CCS. She has experience in screening studies, concept designs, FEED studies, distillation process commissioning, and design verification. Recent experience includes a conceptual study for treatment of a CO2 stream including dehydration, compression and H2S removal. In a previous role, Deirdre compiled a Greenhouse Gas position paper on CO2 emission reduction for a CTL process with input from process and research engineers & managed a Life-Cycle Assessment by environmental contractors
Deirdre Diamond
Dierdre Diamond
Principal Process Engineer, Low Carbon & Onshore Projects
Luigi has two decades of experience within the oil and gas sector; working for venture capitalists, EPCs and licensors. He specialises in the fields of low carbon synfuels, blue/green hydrogen production and carbon capture technologies. He is currently delivering the process design for a carbon capture unit which is part of the HyNet project located in the northwest of England, which aims to remove over 1million tonnes CO2 per annum from the atmosphere. Luigi’s engineering background allows him to provide technical leadership and technology expertise for the emerging low carbon energy market.
Luigi Crolla
Luigi Crolla
Principal Process Engineer & SME
Wassim brings over 18 years’ experience in digital engineering covering ecosystems management leadership, 4.0 digital transformation strategies & project delivery, business intelligence, emerging technologies, and operational efficiencies solutions. He has extensive experience in leading all phases of large-scale digital projects, including complex business re-engineering initiatives, industry transforming technology solutions and systems integration projects with multiple clients and technology partners. Wassim is a global consultant in energy innovative solutions and has developed the concepts of digital maturity levels and 8D digital twin adopted by key industrial players as a roadmap to deliver the energy plant of the future.
Wassim ghadban
Wassim Ghadban
Vice President, Global Innovation & Digital Engineering
With 25 years’ experience in the low carbon, oil, gas, chemical, and power industries, Matt has been responsible for the low carbon and onshore projects group of the UK operations of Kent since 2018. Matt’s team delivers hydrogen, carbon capture and storage / CO2, and low carbon fuels & chemicals studies, front end, and projects including those with waste feedstocks. The group has an emphasis on applying our traditional engineering skills to low carbon projects to reduce impact of process plant on the world’s environment. Matt has been Kent’s lead for our team for the HyNet low carbon hydrogen project since 2018, and has led work on thermal power with CCS, for CO2 and H2 pipelines and transportation, and low carbon fuels & chemicals.
Matt Wills
Matt Wills
Market Director | Low Carbon and Onshore Projects
Andy is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and IChemE Professional Process Safety Engineer (PPPSE) with over twenty-five years’ experience in the high hazard industries. Andy is Kent’s Engineering and Consulting Global Technical Authority for Safety and Loss Prevention. Andy’s key experience includes Quantitative Risk Assessment, COMAH Report preparation, HAZOP Leadership and LOPA Chairing for the high hazard industries. He has completed many process safety studies for clients and operations globally, including upstream, midstream and downstream plant, pre-combustion decarbonisation facilities and CO2 capture and transportation
Andy Chisholm
Andrew Chisholm
Chief Engineer, Safety and Loss Prevention Global TA
With over 30 years’ experience in safety studies for major hazard sites and pipelines, Ian is the Kent Subject Matter Expert for onshore quantified risk assessment and land use planning. He has been responsible for many COMAH safety reports, including a number relating to low carbon projects involving hydrogen, CO2 and battery hazards. Ian has particular experience in planning issues such as hazardous substances consent and land use planning for proposed sites and pipelines.
Ian Lines
Ian Lines
Chief Engineer, SME - Onshore QRA and Land-Use Planning
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