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Energy Transition Forum 2023 | 24 October 2023

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24 October 2023
Banking Hall, London

At Kent, our purpose is to bring the world the energy it needs in the most responsible way ever imagined. This task requires a form of energy that is not only reliable but also affordable to ensure equal opportunities for all.

We're breaking new ground in renewable energy sectors such as hydrogen, offshore wind, and energy storage. Simultaneously, we are unafraid to roll up our sleeves and tackle the challenging task of decarbonising oil and gas production from within.

The greatest positive change we can make today is to create change from within. And collaboration is key in this journey. That's why we're looking forward to attending the Energy Transition Forum 2023, where our experts will contribute to the conversation of finding better and faster ways to achieve a greener future.

Find out more about the event, here:

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