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Canadian Hydrogen Convention 2024 | 23 – 25 April

23 – 25 April
Edmonton, Canada

We are excited to announce our participation at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention 2024, an event dedicated to exploring the potential of hydrogen in the energy transition.

Join us as Will Sharpe, Process Safety Lead at Kent, takes the stage to present his paper, Hydrogen Leaks: Past, Present, and Future. Will’s insightful presentation will delve into the crucial safety considerations associated with transitioning to a hydrogen network, with a specific focus on the likelihood of hydrogen leaks, guiding attendees through a comprehensive journey of hydrogen leaks, and examining their occurrence in the past, present, and future.

Join us at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention 2024 and discover how we can collectively advance hydrogen safety practices and propel the adoption of this promising energy source.

Meet our team:

  • Alan McFadden, Business Development Director, Kent Canada
  • Will Sharpe, Process Safety Group Lead, Kent Canada

Find us at:

  • Tuesday 23 April, 11.30 MST | Hydrogen Leaks: Past, Present and Future – Will Sharpe, Process Safety Group Lead, Kent Canada
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