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Automation and Digital Transformation Conference 2024 | 23 – 25 April

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23 – 25 April
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

At Kent, we're at the forefront of digital innovation, using cutting-edge technology to help us on our purpose to bring the world the energy it needs in the most responsible way ever imagined.

We leverage digital solutions to revolutionize traditional industry practices, fostering intelligent operations that not only enhance efficiency but also ensure unprecedented safety levels. By integrating advanced analytics, AI, and visualization technologies, we transform challenges into opportunities, setting new standards for operational excellence.

As we prepare to participate in the Automation and Digital Transformation Conference 2024, we're excited to showcase how our digital solutions have redefined what's possible in the energy industry.

Find us at:

  • Wassim Ghadban - Harnessing AI for Autonomous Operations in Oil & Gas. Keynote Speaker & Technical Committee Member for the Automation and Digital Transformation Conference -Details to follow

Join us to discover how Kent is leading the way in using digital innovation to not only meet but exceed the evolving demands of our sector, ensuring a sustainable, efficient, and safe energy future for all.

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