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ADIPEC 2023: Turning Carbon Dioxide into Cash: Exploring Pathways for Valuable Commodities from Captured Emissions

Michael Czarnecki
Michael Czarnecki, Concept Study Lead
Tuesday, 3 October, 14:00 – 15:50 GST | Downstream Technical Programme | Capital Suite 20

Michael Czarnecki, our Concept Study Lead, will deep dive into different pathways for transforming captured CO2 and green H2 into valuable commercial commodities, exploring conversion pathways, including e-methanol production, methane production, graphene production, ammonia to urea conversion, and the Fischer-Tropsch process.

Learn more as Michael takes you through advantages, limitations, and future prospects of each pathway, and understand the crucial role of carbon capture, utilisation, and storage in our sustainable future.

Interested in monetising captured CO2 and green H2? This session is for you.

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