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Our clients want solutions that create and sustain value. And Kent delivers. With a blend of practicality, experience, expertise, sustainability and innovation at every project stage. Our expertise supports both green field and brown field opportunities and addresses all elements of the engineering value chain. From the earliest of concept, through pre-FEED and FEED into detailed engineering execution, operational readiness engineering and optimisation and enhancement to decommissioning/re-use.


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To support our clients in making their ambitions a reality, we have a global team of consultants and engineers who are the best in the industry. Our experience and capabilities span the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas markets as well as new energies including wind, biofuels, hydrogen, energy storage, carbon capture and sequestration and decarbonisation of existing assets. We also service the process, chemical, plastics and refining sectors.

We operate right across global market sectors from primary hubs in North America, Australasia, UK and Middle East as well as our global engineering centre in India.



Kent people are out of the box thinkers. We go beyond codes and consulting to bring pragmatic forward-thinking solutions to operations and projects quickly and effectively. We tackle the complex technical challenges head on to develop answers that can be implemented safely and cost competitively.

Our consultant experts excel in process engineering, structures, safety, environment, electrical and instrumentation, subsea and drilling, naval architecture, software programming, materials, mechanical, fluids and flow assurance, simulation and analysis, expert witness services, sustainability solutions and due diligence.

We deploy our automated and digitised tools to develop and deliver with certainty and cost competitively across our energy markets.

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We’re justifiably proud of our 100+ years of engineering legacy in the energy markets. It’s seen us undertake ground-breaking work setting major global standards, contributing to regulation and R&D committees for both the oil and gas and new energies markets.

Our engineering operating model integrates our global expertise with complimentary industry standard software. This guarantees predictable outcomes that are generated through standard workflows and optimises the advantages of our Global Engineering Center in India.

Our teams are delivering from the earliest of concept studies, pre FEED and FEED, detailed engineering design, optimisations and enhancements – to new facilities and existing facilities with the rigour required to deliver first time.

Complementing our core engineering delivery capability, our specialist consultancy and design assurance services discover, prevent and correct errors early in the design process to save on time, cost and give our customers complete peace of mind.

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Software engineering

Software Development

Combining high-end technical engineering knowledge with modern software development is a winning combination for a successful project outcome. Our highly skilled development team employ both to solve the Energy industry’s most testing technical challenges to optimise the entire business chain.

This is a far from a one-size fits all capability. Each software solution is carefully selected for each project including high quality, custom-made software applications using a variety of technologies and platforms. They range from desktop applications and services to web and cloud solutions and office automation.

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Kent developed software


Risk-Based Assessment and Inspection

A web-based environment for all assets, across multiple disciplines.



A web environment for managing anomalies and associated data (assessment, photos, etc.) and integrated with an inspection workpack to provide a streamlined inspection process.



A modern asset weight management solution, providing suitable control, traceability and reporting, aligned with ISO 19901-05.


Asset Integrity Management Toolkit

A suite of tools to streamline the day-to-day integrity management processes and tasks and improve efficiency.


Enhanced Heat Maps

A solution for displaying relevant data on an asset’s plot plan layouts (e.g.: inspections, anomalies) for better visualisation and understanding of risk.



A plant capacity assessment tool, running various production cases and integrating outputs with custom capacity model calculations for further analysis and debottlenecking of a plant.


Carbon Intensity Reduction Tool

This digital solution interfaces with the existing asset process models to allow the team to model the whole lifecycle of an asset including changes to production profiles, economics, or plant changes to quantify all the emissions from the plant through life.


Motion Monitoring System

A fully integrated system for collecting, processing sensor data and performing spectral analysis to detect a shift in the natural frequency of a platform that could indicate potential brace failures in near real-time.


Virtual Metering

A standalone service that integrates live plant data from an operational historian with simulation software to determine and publish new properties.


MODOT Multi Objective Design Optimisation Tool

MODOT is an optimisation tool that has revolutionised our design of offshore wind projects. Using advanced optimisation algorithms, we can produce design iterations in days rather than months to add value from the start and can save clients 1000s of tonnes of steel across a wind farm through efficient designs.


Virtual Wind Farm Tool

A standalone service that assesses, optimises and iterates offshore wind farm designs and layouts to assess CapEx, OpEx and Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE). This tool brings value whether used when bidding and assessing lease areas or understanding layouts or installation phasing. Using our catalogue of available date or bespoke information provided by Clients, this tool will quickly and visually provide feedback on the available options.

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"We aim to exceed excellence everyday to enhance our reputation within our chosen markets."
Simon Naylor, Global EVP for Engineering & Consultancy
Reduce GHG emissions with no initial CAPEX

Carbon Intensity Reduction Tool

Our Carbon Intensity Reduction Tool could help you to assess and reduce GHG emissions with no initial CAPEX.

This targeted technology is integrated with capacity and process modelling tools that allow us to measure changes in greenhouse gas emissions over an oil and gas asset’s field life. Enabling us to test and evaluate how operational or physical modifications to a process could affect an asset’s emissions.

2022 Tech Talks Series

Smart, effective, and efficient offshore wind design

As the offshore wind industry has grown in size and complexity, so has the design of wind farms and foundations. In this session, our specialist Offshore Wind Engineers present a new generation of tools that allows designs to be undertaken faster and more efficiently.

2022 Tech Talks Series

Ageing Assets to Decommissioning: Risk in a Storm

In this Tech Talk, our expert Asset Integrity Engineers discuss how Ensemble Prediction Systems can reduce the risks and impact of forecasted storms on ageing offshore assets and decommissioning projects.

2022 Tech Talks Series

Process Safety Management in the Offshore Wind Industry

In this Tech Talk, our expert Process Safety Engineers explain how the fundamentals of process safety can be implemented in offshore renewables projects and how the UK offshore wind industry must adapt to comply with the principles laid out by the regulator.

2022 Tech Talks Series

Addressing the challenges of floating offshore substations

The growth in floating offshore wind farms, especially in deep waters, brings some unique challenges. In this Tech Talk, our expert Naval Architects discuss recent developments and their benefits in the design of floating substations. They showcase how Multi-Objective Optimisation techniques streamline early design stages.

2022 Tech Talks Series

How to design and deliver the sustainable plant of the future

In this tech talk, our Global Head of Innovation and Digital Engineering explores how owner operators will achieve sustainable, efficient, modern plants that are fit for purpose in the future.

2022 Tech Talks Series

The new hazards in low carbon, battery storage, hydrogen and CCUS

The demand for energy transition and large-scale storage of Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide and lithium-ion batteries has risen. In this Tech Talk, our expert Safety and Loss Prevention engineers examine the key issues which need to be considered to ensure the safety of workers.

2022 Tech Talks Series

Roadmap to decarbonised chemicals

As we phase out fossil feedstocks, we explore wider low-carbon chemical production to decarbonize the chemicals our society is based upon. In this Tech Talk, our specialist Low Carbon Process Engineers explore the roadmap to decarbonised chemicals and what this means for future carbon footprints.

2022 Tech Talks Series

A Structured Methodology for Repurposing Pipelines for CCUS Service

In this Tech Talk, our expert Asset Integrity Engineers set out a structured methodology for the repurposing of hydrocarbon pipelines as a key enabler for CCUS.

2022 Tech Talks Series

Green hydrogen – offshore or onshore?

In this Tech Talk, our specialist Low Carbon Process Engineers discuss how project drivers such as process configurations, location factors and economic considerations influence the preferred location of green hydrogen production – onshore or offshore?

2022 Tech Talks Series

Roadmap to Quick & Effective Asset Decarbonisation

In this Tech Talk, our expert Process Engineers discuss the challenges inherent in the decarbonisation of conventional oil and gas assets, and how our approach can provide an efficient solution.

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