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Completions, Commissioning & Start-Up

Predictable, cost-effective outcomes. Those are the keywords our clients appreciate. So do we. That's why we are the largest specialist commissioning service provider in the industry.


On the value side of your investment

As a client you need confidence that your project will deliver on its investment commitments with respect to Quality, Cost and Schedule. We deliver certainty to your start-up schedule with a detailed focus on front end planning. Ensuring start-up success is a commitment embedded in our Systems Completions and Commissioning DNA.


Our Completions, Commissioning & Start-Up Services

As the largest specialist commissioning contractor in the industry, we have global and regional service agreements with the sector’s leading names including Exxon, BP, Chevron, Suncor and TC Energy. Using decades of knowledge and experience, we deliver predictable outcomes on all stages of the Completions, Commissioning & Start-up lifecycle. Our efficient systems completions philosophy means an intentional interface across the FEED, Engineering and Construction phases of the project.

Our core Completions, Commissioning & Start-Up Service includes:

Systems Completions
Commissioning lifecycle planning
Project Intervention
Craft Competency validation Training programs
Operations Readiness and Assurance
Commissioning and Start-up
Inspection Services
Project Auditing

Schedule certainty

We work closely with you as we ready your facilities to a start-up state. Schedule certainty is at the heart of our Completions, Commissioning & Start-Up team’s every decision.

Our team delivers on average 6 million work hours per year in Completions, Commissioning & Start-Up.

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Our approach

We believe every project should start with the end in mind. That’s why our Completions, Commissioning & Start-Up value delivery model is designed to engage in the early stages of concept design, so that we can focus on the optimum start-up sequence. Our Commissionability™ Process, underpinned by extensive benchmarked data, gives us greater predictability throughout the Systems Completions and Commissioning phase.

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Our Commissioning Toolkit

Kent have designed a Commissionability™ Process tool to ensure project delivery efficiency regardless of what point we join the project.

This trademarked benchmarking process is designed to deliver best practice and is assessed during the pre-FEED, FEED, Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Construction Commissioning and Start-up phases. Throughout each stage we will help you identify opportunities and issues that will impact project objectives including Quality, Cost and Schedule.

We use this tool for our own internal live projects or to complete external auditing of projects – for instance when we’re completing systems completions readiness reviews.

CCS Resources

Extensive Resource Pool

Unique access to the industry’s best Systems Completion and Commissioning professionals means we can arm you with solutions quickly and effectively.

Global Communications

Global Commissioning Experience

We deliver over 6 million completions, commissioning & start-up work hours per year and have over 4,000 management and craft commissioning personnel currently deployed on our global projects.


Functional Centre of Excellence

Our subject matter experts are on staff full-time to provide guidance and strategic oversight of commissioning projects. These specialists bring invaluable experience and extensive knowledge to every project.


Efficiency Through Technology

Integrating advanced technology into commissioning execution gives us a key advantage. Through our technology partners and our in-house experts, we’ve developed software that improves commissioning quality, cost and schedule efficiency.

CCS Standardisation


With our tried and tested systems completions program we can ensure we never start from scratch with new projects. Our experts build and maintain robust processes for maximum day one value.

CCS Training

Systems Completions Training & Development

We deliver world-class and targeted training and development programs tailored to the specific needs of the systems completions and operational phase.

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