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As Kent, we’re tackling the greatest challenge of our time - to bring our world the energy it needs in the most responsible way ever imagined.

It’s the energy of every member of our team driven by our beliefs that is making this happen. Whatever our skill, our language, or our culture. These beliefs define and direct us every day to be the very best - for ourselves, our clients, our key stakeholders, the communities we operate in and the planet:





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We recognize that diversity & inclusion are catalysts for success. We’re heightening awareness on the benefits of people diversity, diversity of experiences and diversity of our perspectives. Creating a culture of inclusivity where all employees feel a sense of belonging.

Our combined energy is fueled by different nationalities, across 6 continents and 24 countries. Our commitment is to celebrate character – no matter what ethnic background, gender, age, religion, identity, or disability.

About the job:

Kent is looking for an Island Superintendent to be based in the UAE. The COMPANY appointed senior person in charge of each Artificial Island and the marine exclusion area within 500 meters from the boundaries of the respective Al.

Your responsibilities:

  • Providing management oversight for implementation of SIMOPs Process as SIMOPs Co-ordinator.
  • Facilitate alignment discussions between Logistics, Drilling, Marine and Project construction site management for issues and SIMOPs clash resolution.
  • Ensuring all requirements of SIMOPs Standard (HSE-OS-ST-06) are in place as required.
  • Escalating final determination of work schedule priorities as required to Islands Manager for resolution via SIMOPs Panel.
  • Escalating SIMOPs concerns / issues to the Islands Manager.
  • Reviewing and endorse Master 2-Week SIMOPs Look Ahead Plan based on information received from Integrated Activity plan regarding upcoming / planned SIMOPs activities.
  • Reviewing any SIMOPs PTW.
  • Ensuring SIMOPs work is being performed safely and in accordance with requirements.
  • Ensuring that COMPANY and CONTRACTORS utilize safe systems of work.
  • Maintaining daily communication and coordination with Area Authorities.
  • Reviewing and authorizing High Risk activities in General Work Areas.
  • Reviewing requests for Area 'Blanket’ Permits.
  • Approving PTW for all Marine Operations and Offshore Installation (Structures, Pipeline, Cables, Umbilical, etc.) within the marine exclusion area around the Al after reviewing the subject PTW requirement and SoW with MCC Support Office.
  • Verify Berth Space Booking Request with MCC Support Office, Logistics Coordinators and with Port Supervisor.
  • Awareness of the Marine Operation Management System and coordinate with MCC Support Office and MCC to facilitate safe berthing/ unberthing of marine units, particular consideration while any of the installation barges/ vessels are operating in the vicinity of the entrance and within AI P.T.W boundaries.
  • Approving all PTW for ‘Critical’ and ‘Hot’ works.
  • Overseeing and verifying updates of the Defined Area Work Plan.
  • Chairing the daily PTW co-ordination meeting.
  • Chairing the daily SIMOPs co-ordination meeting as SIMOPs Co-ordinator.
  • Chairing the weekly SIMOPs Management Team meeting as SIMOPs Co-ordinator.
  • Participating in periodic inspections and audits of the facility and processes to ensure compliance to respective standards.
  • Manage location emergencies (Incident Commander) when required in coordination with Area Authorities on the island, Islands Manager and Senior Management as required.
  • Verifying Inspection, Maintenance and Preservation activities completed via support contracts held by others including L&S.
  • Ensures maintenance of full record of events, and operations and carefully address any protentional area of conflict or variation order/ claims with comprehensive details, letters, requests, emails …etc.
  • For clarity, there will be no responsibility for tracking or delivery of Drilling or Project scopes.

Your knowledge/skills, education, and experience:

Qualification/ Certification:

• Bachelor’s degree in engineering

• Minimum 20 years of total experience

Details about the role:

Location: UAE

Relocation required: N/A

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