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Electrical Commissioning Technician

Kazakhstan - Tengiz
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  • Electrical Commissioning technician is categorized as a specialist and employed and dismissed from work by the order of General Director.
  • For the position of:
  • Electrical Commissioning Technician a person is appointed who has higher professional (technical) education and work experience as an electrical commissioning technician for at least 3 years.
  • Electrical Commissioning technician directly reports to the Field Commissioning Engineer and Lead Electrical Engineer.
  • Due to the specifics of his job the commissioning technician shall know:
  • RoK and PUE Regulations, directives, orders, guidelines, and regulatory materials for the organization of commissioning.
  • The basic technological processes of production at the enterprise.
  • Technical specifications, design features, purpose and operational modes of enterprise equipment, its technical operation rules.
  • Methods of installation, adjustment, and setting up of electrical equipment.
  • Control tools, devices and equipment used during inspection, commissioning and testing of equipment being serviced.
  • Experience with Electrical Configuration Documentation (Single Line Drawings, Wiring Diagrams, technical Manuals)
  • Test and Commission Switchgear, MV/LV Electrical Distribution Equipment and Protective Components.
  • Pre-Commissioning, Test and Energization of Panels, UPS Cabinets and Battery Chargers Circuits.
  • Testing and Energization of Lighting and Small Power DB’s, Power Transformers and Instrumentation and Telecoms DB’s
  • Testing and Energization of Field Electrical Consumers (Motors, Valves, Heaters etc.).
  • Organization of installation, commissioning and repair works, maintenance of equipment.
  • Supporting troubleshooting of Electrical issues associated with the electrical equipment, cabling, and components.
  • Verifying Commissioning Test results to support safe operation of the electrical Distribution System.
  • Best in-country and foreign safety practices in the field of commissioning.
  • The basics of labor laws.
  • The rules and regulations of labor protection.
  • Abilities to interface with Client, multi-discipline Company and contractor engineering personnel.
  • Cultural awareness and the ability to work with individuals from different nationalities
  • Familiar with “Permit to Work” System, Toolbox Briefs and Site-Specific Requirements
  • Organize and perform commissioning work of all kinds of equipment in accordance with the methodological, regulatory and other guidance material on the organization of pre-commissioning work, ensure its timely commissioning.
  • Prepare measuring instruments and apparatus for work, to perform metrological control.
  • Initiate works for the elimination of equipment defects revealed during commissioning.
  • Keep technical documentation during installation, commissioning and testing of equipment.
  • Assist in preparation of handover documentation, dossiers, redline mark-ups etc.
  • Supervise employees involved in commissioning and ensure compliance with occupational safety requirements in accordance with the type of work performed.
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