Engineering Support

Blyth Offshore Demonstrator Project

Blyth OSW stock
Gravity based foundation project
Location: North Sea, UK
Operator: EDF Renewables UK Ltd
Duration: 2018
Scope: Engineering support, FEED, concept design

Kent undertook a large number of roles on the Blyth offshore Demonstrator (BOD) wind farm Gravity Based Foundation (GBF) project, bringing our expertise to the EPC design team, ensuring positive collaborative working and supporting the Client team to deliver an innovative design to a tight programme.

Our team brought vast experience and knowledge to the project in both offshore wind and in offshore concrete design. Our experience allowed us to support the Client through Concept and FEED to Detailed Design.

We reviewed all aspects of the GBF and foundation design, bringing expertise to ensure the project met the relevant criteria required to receive design certification from the verifying body.

We delivered high-end technical comments and review for all aspects of the design, bringing in expertise in both concrete and steel design, leading to key improvements in the design and identification of issues before construction. Kent further contributed by identifying safety and constructability issues during design stage so that improvements could be made prior to construction.

We worked with the wider design team, helping to resolve complex issues and offering a breadth of experience gained from lessons learned on other offshore projects.

We also provided Engineering support throughout the fabrication and installation phases. Our Deputy Project Manager and Secondees to the project assisted with design coordination, achievement of verification, project control, technical queries, interface issues, quality management etc.

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